China APEC Development Council Newsletter Issue 3, 2008

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Zhang Lijun Granted the Title of “APEC Outstanding Contribution Award”
Edited by the Secretariat of the Council on November 13, 2008

On November 12, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade granted ABAC China representatives Zhang Lijun, Wang Lili and candiate representative Wu Jiangxing the title of outstanding contribution award and former ABAC Hong Kong representative Qin Xiao, Chairman of the Board of Hong Hong Merchants Bureau the title of special achievement award to honor their outstanding contributions to ABAC for 10 years. The assistant minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Liu Jieyi attended the event and on behalf of the competent government authority he affirmed the work of award-winning ABAC representatives.

ABAC China representative Zhang Lijun now serves as Chairman of China APEC Development Council, President of the Board of VODone Limited, Wang Lili serves as Vice President of ICBC and the candiate representative Wu Xingjiang serves as Director of National Digital Switching System Engineering & Technological R&D Center. They’ve served as China representatives of ABAC for ten years. During this period, they paid close attention to the economic and trade situation in the Asia-Pacific region and thoroughly studied their respective fields to draw peers’ timely attention to the new issues and new changes; on behalf of Chinese government, they transmitted relevant information and explained relevant policies to the business community in the Asia-Pacific region; as the representative of the business community, they provided advices and suggestions for the state leaders. ABAC China representative Zhang Lijun also proposed to establish China APEC Academy and promoted China’s accession to APEC Business Travel Card Scheme, which made an outstanding contribution to the economic cooperation and development in the Asia-Pacific region.

CCPIT Chairman Wan Jifei issued awards to Zhang Lijun and other ABAC representatives. Mr. Wan said that "ABAC is the most active, influential governmental advisory body in the Asia-Pacific region, and ABAC work requires a large amount of time, energy, financial resources." Zhang Lijun also said that " as Chairman of China APEC Development Council, I and other ABAC representatives have worked for 10 years. As the current international situation is undergoing dramatic changes, ABAC will play a very important role and we will put more efforts into ABAC work. "

Proposed by the United States, ABAC was set up at the first APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, a permanent establishment of APEC on behalf of the business community. The most important event for ABAC representatives is to attend the annual ABAC dialogue with APEC leaders during the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting and to submit the consulting report to APEC leaders.

Qi Jianping was granted the title of outstanding contribution award to honor his 10 years’ work as staffer of ABAC.

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