Organization Structure

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Steering Committee:

President: Wang Guangya, Zhang Xinsheng

Committee Members: The Ministry leaders from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, the State Economic and Trade Commission, Ministry of Personnel, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, China Council for the Promotion of Internaional Trade and other ministries and agencies who are in charge of this work

Chairman: Zhang Lijun

Board Members:

Zhang Jieting Xiwa Group
Yu Zuosheng General Steel Holdings, Inc.
Liu Lin Beijing City University
Ou Huanlun South-China Highway & Bridge Co., Ltd.
Jin Liangshun Jinggong Group
Wang Donghai Baichuan Natural Gas Sales Co., Ltd.
Chen Maochun Xinghua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
Liu Jianmin Jianxin Group


Permanent Establishment:

Legal Consultant Office
External Liaison Office
Teaching and Training Department
Business Development Department