China APEC Development Council Newsletter Issue 1, 2009

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Stand on the New Start, Create New Resplendence
Edited by the Secretariat of the Council on April 6, 2009

On April 5, 2009, the launching ceremony of the new site construction of China APEC Academy was held in Nankai University in warm spring season. Leaders of relevant ministries and commissions such as Wang Guangya, Party Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhang Xinsheng, Vice President of Ministry of Education, Sun Shoushan, Vice President of General Administration of Press and Publication as well as Wu Hailong, Director of International Division of Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended the ceremony. Zhang Lijun, Chairman of China APEC Development Council, representatives of board member companies of the council, Tian guiming, Tianjin Municipal Office of Foreign Affairs, Xue Jinwen, party secretary of Nankai University, former president of Nankai University and Hou Zixin, president of China APEC Academy were also present the ceremony.

Secretary Wang Guangya spoke highly of China APEC Academy’s achievements for recent years in his speech. He said that China APEC Academy, based on Nankai University and China as well as the Asia-Pacific region, has carried out a large number of monographic studies on APEC cooperation for the last 7 years, providing a significant reference for Chinese government and enterprises’ participation in the APEC cooperation. At present, the international and economic situation in the Asia-Pacific region has undergone complex and profound changes, so it was facing new opportunities and challenges for the APEC cooperation process. He hoped that the academy's work in the future can further follow-up the situation, build bridges, integrate resources and expand exchanges so as to promote the academy to come into a new stage.

Vice minister Zhang Xinsheng stated in his speech that “APEC as a regional organization is not only a platform for dialogue and cooperation between developed countries and developing countries, but also an economic and cultural ties between China and Western countries. China is one of the major forces in APEC and plays a decisive role in the APEC process. China APEC Academy insists on applying the theory to the practice and provides useful experience in the promotion of the humanities and social sciences to better serve the state and society. I believe that the new site construction of China APEC Academy will provide a new opportunity for its development.”

Zhang Lijun, on behalf of China APEC Development Council, expressed the highest respect for the entrepreneurs who made positive contributions to build the new site of China APEC Academy. He said that China APEC Academy would move to a new location in the near future. It would improve the hardware of the academy and fundamentally promote the normative development of the academy. He believed that with support of the government, Nankai University would build the academy as a national-level research base, and make great efforts to achieve the goal of building the academy as a influential research and education institution in the world with dual functions of both scientific research and high-level personnel training.

Secretary of Nankai University Xue Jinwen said that the launching construction of China APEC Academy’s new site reflected the new achievements of the cooperation between government, business and academia in China’s involvement in APEC process and a successful example of the tripartite cooperation mechanism. Nankai University would continue to support the work of China APEC Academy and hope to continue to strengthen cooperation with ministries and relevant entrepreneurs in order to provide more high-quality reports and high-level of scientific products for China’s involvement in the APEC process.

Zhang Tingjie, Chairdman of Siwa Group, said that APEC has become an important bridge for Chinese enterprises to go abroad for international development. APEC China Research Institute of The establishment and development of China APEC Academy would better provide information consulting for Chinese enterprises to participate in trade and business activities among APEC member economies. He was proud of making an effort on the development of the academy and would continue to make contributions to promote the development of APEC in China.

On the launching ceremony, Wang Guangya, Zhang Lijun, Xue Jinwen unveiled the plaque to open the new site construction. Wang Guangya, Zhang Xinsheng, Sun Shoushan, Wu Hailong, Zhang Lijun, Tian Guiming, Hou Zixin issued honorary certificats and commeorate tripod for the entrepreneurs.

Xue Jinwen also issued an honorary certificate for Zhang Lijun to cite the efforts and contributions of China APEC Development Council for the construction of China APEC Academy.

On the same day, Zhang Lijun and entrepreneur representatives were met by Zhang Gaoli, Secretary of Tianjin Municipal Government and the mayor Huang Xinguo. On behalf of the municipal government, Huang Xinguo stated that as an international academic institution, China APEC Academy gained great achievements in academic research, personnel training, consulting service and cultural exchange. The launching construction of the new site would be a strong impetus to the development of the academy. Tianjin Municipal Committee and Tianjin Municipal Government would provide strong support for the construction of the academy and create better conditions for its development.

In 2001, after negotiation between some leaders from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Economic and Trade Commission and Mr. Zhang Lijun, Chairman of the APEC China Enterprises Assembly International Communication Branch, Nankai University as well as related enterprises, it was planned to co-establish China APEC Academy by the relevant state ministries and commissions, large-scaled enterprises as well as Nankai Univesity in order to provide consultation for state leaders’ and relevant ministries and commissions and enterprises’ partcipation in the APEC meeting and provide industry consultation for enterprises, strengthen the human capacity building in China. This proposal was quickly brought the great attention and support of state leaders and relevant ministries and commissions. In April 2002, China APEC Academy was formally established.

China APEC Development Council assumed the task of raising funds for the new site of the academy and was committed to advocate those entrepreneurs who were willing to participate in and promote the development of APEC in China to donate for the new site of the academy. China APEC Academy, based on the mechanism of the combination of government, business, academia, was a meaningful trial for innovating work mechanism of academic research, policy consultation and personnel training at the new period.

The new site of China APEC Academy is located inside the new library of Nankai University, integrating teaching, research and academic functions as a whole.

Enterprises & Entrepreneurs who made great contributions to China APEC Academy are as follows:

Zhang Tingjie, Chairman of the Board of Siwa Group
Yu Zuosheng, Chairman of the Board of Wendlar Enterprise Management Group Co., Ltd.
Liu Lin, President of Beijing City University
Ou Huanlun, Director of South-China Highway & Bridge Co., Ltd.
Jin Liangsun, President of the Board of Jinggong Group
Wang Donghai, Chairman of the Board of Baichuan Natural Gas Sales Co., Ltd.
Chen Maochun, Chairman of the Board of Xinghua Steel Co., Ltd.