Dr. Zhang Lijun: V1 Group Develops Internet Healthcare is not for Subversion, but only for Universal Benefits

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The Chairman of V1 Group Limited, Dr. Zhang Lijun interpreted the core purpose of the development of internet healthcare business of V1 Group: "We are not doing internet healthcare business for subverting the tradition, but we care about is whether it will bring universal medical services for the people." It is also the core purpose of V1 Group’s brand “Homeincare”.



The Chairman of V1 Group Limited, Dr. Zhang Lijun (second from right) was invited to join the meeting with Heads of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and some of the guests in China International Big Data Industry Expo


In China International Big Data Industry Expo 2017, V1 Group’s brand “Homeincare” was stunning debut, showing the business advantages as well as its core philosophy to the public, which was widely reported by a number of media channels.



V1 Group’s Wisdom Healthcare Booth in China International Big Data Industry Expo


V1 Group's Homeincare is the first nurse-sharing platform in China, leveraged with the sharing economy model to optimize the allocation of scattered nurse resources, making use of the spare time of the nurses to provide home care services including injection, infusion, wound dressing, blood collection and urinary catheterization for the patients nearby. The aging problem is becoming more and more serious in China, the state has also introduced the relevant policy guidelines for the elderly home care and the combination of medical care and pension, but many elderly cannot get timely and effective care services because of many practical problems, the model of Homeincare solved some of the nursing service problems for the last kilometer.


In addition, the nursing home care service platform of Homeincare has also been recognized and supported by the majority of nurses. Lots of practicing nurses believe that Homeincare provides another service practice platform for nurses, in line with the principle of the nearest regional service with care services for the patients who find it inconvenient to move around. This will enable the deployment of primary healthcare structure and the development of nursing resources, while increasing the income of nurses and to provide good healthcare services to the groups with healthcare needs and help to improve the primary healthcare standard.


Similar to Didi Dache, Homeincare is a mobile healthcare services platform based on an asset-light model which users can make appointment at anytime with nearby doctors and nurses to receive such services as nursing home care, elderly home care, and Chinese medicine therapy. Homeincare has certified over 32,000 registered nurses, serving more than 30,000 users and processing more than 100,000 valid orders. At the same time, Homeincare is also constantly control the medical risks, improve service quality, improve professional standards, expand services scope and optimize the operational strategies to better meet with the policy requirements, and actively cooperate with the works of government departments for the promotion of the industry development and the establishment of standardization. Also, we will contribute our efforts for the country's elderly home care and the combination of medical care and pension works.





About V1 Group Limited

V1 Group was established in 2005, listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2006, became the first Chinese video media enterprise listed in Hong Kong. V1 Group Limited was named the “China’s Top 100 Internet Companies” three years in a row from year 2014 to 2016.


After eleven years of rapid development, V1 Group’s main businesses have been fully covered the Internet and mobile terminals. In 2016, V1 Group successfully transformed from the new media industry group into a new economy in the internet industry, with extensive layout in new media, online games, internet healthcare, internet travel, internet education, internet finance and many other fields, which strive to build an internet life circle to solve the basic needs for users. V1 Group is now become an integrated new industry group in internet plus life field.