2013 APEC China Day Successfully Held In Bali Indonesia

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 Chairman of Board of VOD ONE Ltd. attended China Day

2013 APEC Summit is underway now in Bali, Indonesia. Government officials and business leaders from all APEC economies have gathered here.  “Towards Resilience and Growth, Reshape the Priorities of Global Economy -- APEC China Day" event was held on 4th Oct. 2013  at Udayana University in Bali, Indonesia. Former Australian Prime Minister Ms.Julia Gillard and Dr. Zhang Lijun, Chairman of China APEC Development Council, representatives from APEC Economies attended the "APEC China Day" .


Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a wonderful speech on China APEC Day event. Dr . Zhang Lijun, Chairman of APEC Development Council and Chairman of Board of  VOD ONE Ltd. expressed in his speech that China as an emerging economy always maintains a positive altitude towards regional integration of economic cooperation. In present world, with deep development of globalization, world polarization and social information, we live in a same ‘global village’. There is no country which can isolate itself from society and become a ‘Robin Hood’. He said that China’s economic development learned a lot from its open to the outside world and will still seek new pattern and new ways of Chinese economic reforms. So China will stick to the goals of promoting free global trade and facilitation and make its own contributions to the integration of region economy. He said that China will take the open, inclusive and supportive position on choosing the path, as long as it benefits for integration of region economy.


At the same time, Dr. Zhang Lijun spoke about the three key issues, which are “developed economies achieve the free trade cooperation  in 2010; developing economies achieve the Bogor Goals of free trade cooperation before 2015 , initiating APEC members to work together to promote sustainable economic growth, making all stakeholders share the fruits of economic growth and ensuring a sustainable and equitable social growth, and achieving the supply chain performance of the region increasing 10% and finally promoting the interoperability of the region. Apart from that, Dr. Zhang Lijun also made a highlighted speech on how China should have a better way of speaking out in APEC, and let outside world have a better understanding of China and how China can use the APEC leverage to promote China's economic reform.


2013 APEC China Day



Dr. Zhang Lijun talking friendly with former Prime Minister of Australia Ms. Julia Gillard


Dr. Zhang Lijun delivering the keynote speech on 2013 APEC China Day



CCTV Interviewing Dr. Zhang Lijun