APEC CEO Summit 2009 opens in Singapore

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Welcome Reception Venue—National Museum of Singapore
National Museum of Singapore

The welcome reception of APEC CEO Summit 2009 was held at the National Museum of Singapore on the evening of November 12, and business leaders and their staffers from 21 member economies attended the banquet.

The banquet started with the Singapore featured music, which highlights her dynamism of the solemn museum. At dinner, Singapore’s government official extended a warm welcoming to the guests and the organizer prepared for the guests sumptuous food and dances with localities, which fully reflects Singapore's considerate preparation for APEC meeting.

The grand and warm opening dinner marks that APEC CEO Summit officially kicked off. Entrepreneurs of China APEC Development Council Sub-delegation also participated in this lively party, engaged in a candid exchange with delegates from other member economies, and expressed their expectation for tomorrow's summit. More than 800 of the world’s top business leaders will have the opportunity to meet with APEC economic leaders and make diagnosis for the development of global and regional economy. The APEC CEO Summit is holding in a significant moment for the Asia-Pacific region when the global economy is emerging from the crisis, in particular, for the impact of a number of trade protectionist measures introduced by some APEC member economies, the voice of the business sector is particularly important before APEC Economic Leaders Meeting held.

Tomorrow morning's APEC CEO Summit will be star-studded. Many CEOs from large multinational companies will join the discussion, and APEC leaders will also express views on the APEC economic situation. We will wait and see whether this summit can have influence on achieving the goal of APEC economic integration or not.

Reported by China APEC Development Council on November 12