Zhang Lijun attended the 4th ABAC Meeting 2009

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A group photo of ABAC members in the 4thABAC Meeting 2009
4thABAC Meeting 2009 on the spot

Mr. Zhang Lijun, ABAC China Representative and Chairman of China APEC Development Council and his working group arrived in Singapore on November 8, 2009 to attend the 4thABAC Meeting 2009.

On the afternoon of November 9, ABAC held the opening ceremony and a plenary meeting. The Singapore APEC senior officials reported to the plenary session about Singapore’s progress in APEC’s work. ABAC working groups also introduced their work throughout the year respectively. It was believed that the global financial crisis has been eased, and all members’ economies have been improved. The business communities have made close cooperation with APEC leaders and governments and have done highly effective work in promoting the Asia-Pacific economy out of the woods. However, it was also believed that there were still many uncertainties about the development of global economy, so APEC would continue to make great efforts to promote business facilitation and WTO's Doha Round Negotiation and so on.

For the next few days, Mr. Zhang Lijun will also attend the APEC CEO Summit and ABAC Dialogue with APEC leaders.

Reported by China APEC Development Council