The Proposal:Develop Promotion of ABTC and Business Facilitation Services

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The Proposal: 'Develop Promotion of APEC Business Travel Card and Business Facilitation Services”----submitted to the Second Meeting of ABAC for 2009 in Brunei by the Business Facilitation Working Group of China.

The global economic crisis has brought great impact on the world economic, political, social, financial sector, etc. at all levels, thus it is an important mission for the APEC member economies to actively respond to the economic crisis with the strong force of APEC member economies. In order to facilitate better communication and cooperation among APEC member economies, China APEC Development Council actively promotes the implementation of APEC Business Travel Card Scheme and enlarges the scope of cardholders in order to make the APEC business facilitation measures serve for the majority of entrepreneurs, expand foreign exchange and provide services for dealing with the economic crisis. At the same time, it is planned to build a platform of business facilitation for the busines people across the APEC member economies and create a new bright spot in promoting the economic and trade cooperation of APEC.

Specific Idea are as follows:

Project Name: APEC Business Tradel Card Information Service Center (ABTC Club)

In order to actively carry out the APEC’s economic and trade cooperation, promote the implementation of business facilitation as well as deal with the economic crisis, China APEC Development Council is in charge of the construction of APEC Business Travel Card Information Service Center (ABTC Club), see as follows:

1. To establish the network platform of APEC Business Travel Card Club. It will provide value-added telecom services, the use of airport facilities, booking, hotels, conference, business negotiation, international exchange, medical and health services, tourism and other supporting services.

2. To establish the information exchange platform for the APEC Business Travel Card holders. It will carry out business information exchange under the framework of cardholders in order to promote business and trade, provide tailored butler service for cardholders across member economies so as to improve the business efficiency and quality and greatly meet the needs of the majority of cardholders.

3. To establish the APEC Business Travel Card Information Service Center. It will provide information of international market supply and demand, client presentations, business negotiation arrangement, etc. to promote the smooth development of international trade as well as provide result-oriented services for a large number of enterprises to deal with the economic crisis.

4. To estalish the demonstration paltform. It is planned to construct the service platform for Chinese cardholders, focusing on introducing the Chinese cardholders and busines programs to the cardholders from other member economies in order to promote the international exchange of China and become a demonstration platform for future programs. It will gradually open to all APEC member economies and will become a business exchange platform for the APEC Business Travel Card holders.

5. To establish the business database. It will provide a full range of accurate services including business information inquiry, industry information inquiry, program information inquiry and targeted customer inquiry.

We belibeve that this program, in the current global economic crisis, is enticipated by the majority of cardholders across the APEC member economies. Led by China side, this program will receive active response from all APEC member economies and become a new bright spot in the work of APEC and ABAC. It has been received great support from the relevant Chinese government departments.

We sincerely hope that you could provide active attention and support for the above-mentioned work and let us unite as one to work together for the stability and prosperity of world economy.